Enjoy the serenity of your own private retreat with one of our gorgeous Quebec gazebos. By the pool, in the backyard, or hidden away somewhere special on your property, a Quebec gazebo by Missisquoi Cupolas brings together the beauty of the outdoors with the luxury of a covered, open-air space.

From the classic style of the Octagon Gazebo to the simplistic look of the Rectangle Gazebo, our assortment of models is sure to provide you with the look and quality you desire. Here you will find the largest selection of Gazebos in Quebec, Canada.

All of our gazebos are designed and built with the highest quality materials and structural longevity in mind. We start each gazebo by using pressure treaded 4”x 4” beams as a base; (however any gazebo may be fixed to a concrete floor). On top of these beams we install 2” x 6” upright floor joists which are then covered with 2” x 6” floor boards. This creates a stable foundation for your gazebo. The posts are then inserted into pre-cut holes, after which rails are added to the posts. The gazebos are constructed with 2” x 6” rafters and finished with rich red cedar shake shingles. Finally, we anchor the gazebo roof to the posts. This entire process results in a gazebo that you can depend on to endure and enjoy for many years to come.

For vinyl gazebos, we use your choice of 30-year architectural shingles. The interior of the gazebo ceiling is then covered in vinyl. This method of construction creates a gazebo roof that looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. As well, vinyl gazebos come standard with a composite floor available in 4 different colors that will last a lifetime.

There are a number of other ways you can customize your gazebo. From turned balusters, to Victorian-styled braces, to gazebos with double or even triple level roofs, Missisquoi Cupola and Structures can accommodate every style and taste.

For more information and pricing on our gazebos, please contact us or come in for a visit and take a tour of our beautiful outdoor showroom.

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