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1. What size of cupola do I need?
The rule-of-thumb is that for every foot of unbroken roofline, the cupola should be sized
a minimum of 1″-1 1/2″ in width. Generally, it is better and more attractive to have a
cupola that is larger rather than smaller, given this rule.

2. Who does the installation?
Any roofer or contractor will be able to install your cupola for you.
Missisquoi Cupola does not offer this service, but we are happy
to provide you with detailed instructions.

3. Why do I need a cupola?
A cupola is an excellent alternative to modern ventilation systems as it allows
superb air draw for reducing attic condensation. They may also be used purely
for decorative purposes and add a touch of traditional character to any house,
barn or garage.

4. Do you deliver?
We do deliver at a charge of $150 within a 100K radius.