Chicken Coop

 Missisquoi Cupola also builds  chicken coop designed specifically for use in towns and cities, but equally useful in the country.  Create a beautiful living environment in your backyard and enjoy fresh eggs daily. Children and grand-children will enjoy hours of entertainment and learning.

Keep your chickens happy, healthy, and safe by providing them the best a Missisquoi Cupola chicken coop.

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 Missisquoi model

Exceptionally sturdy construction , 2×4 framing and Smartside siding, guaranted 50 years. Lifetime warranty on asphalt shingles.
Includes 3 easy access nesting boxes, guillotine door, wired window, large access door,  perch and access ramp.
 Price: special 695$
 Cage: 250$


5′ x 8′ Quaker with 4′ x 5′ wired section.Higher door to facilitate the access. Roof available in metal or asphalt shingles


The Chicken Coop Cabana 4′ x 6′ chicken coop & 4′ x 6′ exterior run.  Can nest 6 to 8 chickens.Board and batten siding whit higher pitch roof.

3′ x 5′ coop with low slope roof . Can nest 3 to 5 chickens.Solid construction including a large access door.

Chicken Coop

Standard Features

  • Paint or Stain
  • Treated wood base
  • Asphalt Shingles lifetime warranty
  • Wire over Windows
  • Black steel hinges

Optional features

    • 4 Wheel with Base
    • Wire Runs
    • Metal Roof
    • Painted trim, lids and doors


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